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, IOWA 52768

Dear Exhibitor:

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our Princeton Summer Fest Event. Whether this is your first time as an Exhibitor or you have participated before, we appreciate and welcome your participation in our event.

Princeton Summer Fest is held rain or shine. This year’s event will be held on July 29th and 30th, 2016 along the riverfront in Princeton, Iowa. All Exhibitors must be set up and ready to sell or exhibit no later than 5pm on July 29th. You may start set-up procedures at 2pm on Friday, however we can accommodate an earlier set-up time as long as previous arrangements are made.

Your booth must remain open from 5pm-10pm on Friday and from 10am-10pm on Saturday. Overnight security is not provided. Each Exhibitor is responsible for providing their own tables, chairs, and/or canopies.

There are a limited number of spaces available and pre-registration is required. The deadline for registration is July 15th, 2016. Spaces will not be reserved without payment and a signed contract. You may register by returning the enclosed Exhibitor contract along your Certificate of Proof of Liability Insurance and your check or money order payable to Princeton Summer Fest, Attention Kim Herman, 810 Walnut Court, Princeton, Iowa 52768.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 563-343-3793 or email me at princetondaysvendors@gmail.com


By:  Kimberly Herman

Kim Herman
Chair, Exhibitor Committee

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JULY 29-30, 2016

               Whereas, there is scheduled to be held along the riverfront in Princeton, Iowa, an event named
Princeton Summer Fest, operated, regulated and governed by the City of Princeton, Iowa, and;
               Whereas, _____________________________________________(insert name of exhibitor/hereinafter referred to as "Exhibitor") desires to participate as an Exhibitor, subject to the terms and conditions hereof, and;
               Whereas, the Princeton Summer Fest is desirous of allowing Exhibitor to participate subject to
Exhibitor’s compliance with the terms and conditions hereof, the parties agree as follows:

1. CONTRACTS FOR SPACE. All persons, firms, companies or associations must enter into this contract with Princeton Summer Fest and each Exhibitor must furnish the appropriate signature so as to make this contract binding upon the Exhibitor.

2. RENTAL SPACE. The rental space fee for Exhibitors is as follows:
           Food Vendor  $_________________     12’ x 16’ space $50
           Craft Vendor  $_________________     12’ x 12’ space $25
           Other Vendor $_________________     To Be Determined Based on Need
           Electricity       $__________________   110 Volt $10
           Electricity       $__________________   220 Volt $20
          (a). All Exhibitor decorations and displays must be in good taste and will be determined at the sole discretion of Princeton Summer Fest.
          (b). No decorations, lighting, signs, or displays may extend beyond the rented exhibited space without
prior approval from Princeton Summer Fest coordinators.
          (c). No Exhibitor may show goods in operation if unduly noisy or objectionable to surrounding exhibitors.
          (d). Service connection to natural gas or propane gas, water or waste is not available.
          (e). Exhibitors are responsible for compliance with all relevant State and/or County codes and/or licensure for their specific exhibit.
          (f). Exhibitors must take all precautions to avoid oil stains, spills or dumping including those related to cooking oils or other cooking debris. All trash and garbage must be disposed of properly and in accordance with State law.

4. INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS. All exhibits must be in place no later than 5pm on Friday, July
29, 2016. All exhibits and associated trash and debris must be removed no later than 11pm on Saturday, July
30th, 2016. No exhibit shall be removed, taken down or disturbed prior to 10pm on Saturday, July 30th.

                               Friday July 29, 2016           5pm – 11pm
                               Saturday July 30, 2016      10am – 11pm
Princeton Summer Fest will be providing outdoor bands both Friday and Saturday nights. Exhibitors are encouraged and welcome to stay open until the band ends each night.

6. EXHIBIT SUPERVISION. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to have their exhibits supervised during the hours
the Exhibit is open for Princeton Summer Fest. The Princeton Summer Fest is open to the general public.

7. CONTRACT / PAYMENT DEADLINES. Signed Exhibitor contracts and full payment is due no later than July
15, 2016 at 5pm.

8. INSURANCE. All Exhibitors must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance in an amount no less than
$1,000,000.00, naming both the City of Princeton, Iowa and Princeton Summer Fest as additional insureds on said Certificate of Insurance. Princeton Summer Fest nor the City of Princeton assume any responsibility for financial loss, theft, or injury.

9. MAILING ADDRESS / NOTICES. All checks should be made payable to Princeton Summer Fest. Any Notices, checks, and this signed contract are to be submitted to:

                                                                     Princeton Summer Fest
                                                                     Attn: Kim Herman
                                                                     810 Walnut Street
                                                                     Princeton, IA 52768

10. PARKING. Exhibitors may driving vehicles into event area for the purpose of loading and unloading only. Exhibitor vehicles must then be moved to the designated street parking outside of the event area.

11. ANIMALS. All animals or animal exhibits must be caged, tethered, or on a leash. No animals are to be walked through the event area and must be confined to the Exhibit area. Any animals leaving the event must be walked immediately to the nearest exit by the Exhibitor or its agents.

12. SALES TAX. All Exhibitors are responsible for payment of Iowa sales tax on their respective sales.

13. CHOICE OF LAW. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Iowa.

14. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This contract contains the entire agreement between Princeton Summer Fest and the Exhibitor herein and there are no representations, warranties, inducements, promises, agreements, or arrangements, either oral or written, between the parties, other than set forth herein. No agreements or modifications of any kind shall be binding on either party unless and until the agreement or modification has been made in writing and duly signed and executed by both parties.
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